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Dalmatia Quince Spread
This aromatic fruit is an integral part of Dalmatian culture – generations ago the fruit was placed in closets, where it slowly released a light fragrance of apple, pear, vanilla, and citrus, which permeated throughout the house. Among the rarer fruits, when cooked, quince harnesses those delicate flavors and aromas and transforms into a deep rosy- pink color. This and its prosperous symbolism of love and luck, earn it a prominent place in the heart of Dalmatia’s culture.

The Dalmatia Quince Spread pairs perfectly with cheeses of all varieties, and with baked goods. Try with a sheep’s milk cheese, like Pecorino Romano. Pair with Manchego and Marcona almonds. Try on panini with Serrano ham, aged provolone, and a touch of balsamic glaze. Spread onto warm bread with whipped, unsalted butter. Add to bruschetta with blue cheese, sliced apples, and walnuts. Fold into fresh ricotta cheese with crushed pistachios.

Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean and a taste of Dalmatia®!