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Polish Sauerkraut
The name for Polish Sauerkraut is Kiszona Kapusta, which simply means "sour cabbage". The souring process is the same that is used for making pickles. It utilizes several beneficial bacteria to ferment the cabbage and convert its natural sugars into lactic acid. Contrary to popular belief, vinegar is not an ingredient in true sauerkraut - its sourness comes from the lactic acid itself. Agrosik's Polish Sauerkraut is not overly acidic, meaning that it can be eaten straight from the jar without the need for rinsing. It is great on hot dogs and sausages or as a side dish with pork, poultry or beef.

Agrosik was established in 1998 in Warsaw, Poland. This award-winning producer of fruit and vegetable preserves constantly develops innovative production methods, but follows traditional recipes to ensure premium flavor and quality. Agrosik products are made from specially selected, top quality fresh fruit and vegetables grown in an ecologically pristine region of Poland. The company does not use artificial preservatives or other chemical additives in any of its production.