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Indian Monsoon Malabar AA Organic Whole Bean Coffee
This unique coffee has a soft, mellow, full-bodied character; pleasant earthy aroma; and no hint of the mustiness of aged coffee. Although the Dutch first introduced coffee to India in the 17th century, the British started commercial cultivation on the exotic hill slopes of South India 150 years ago. Legend says, when wooden ships transported raw coffee to Europe, taking almost 6 months to round the Cape of Good Hope, its exposure to constant humidity caused characteristic property changes. The beans turned pale gold and lost acidity. Europeans loved this mellow coffee.

The Suez Canal opening made this trip much shorter and the coffee, now carried in modern steel vessels, stayed dry, green and retained its acidity. A process simulating conditions of the original voyage was created and called monsooning, which exposes the best varieties of dry processed cherry (unwashed) beans to moisture-laden monsoon winds during the southwest monsoon months. The beans, frequently hand-turned to ensure even exposure, absorb moisture in the 12-16 week process, swell to nearly twice their size, develop color ranging form gold to light brown, and acquire a unique flavor.

Monsooned coffee is only made on the Malabar Coast of India. India coffees are noted for their blue color, cleanness, and fine liquoring qualities. Monsooned Malabar AA, premium in the monsooned category, is made from especially large Arabica beans.

Certified Organic