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Leroux Instant Chicory Coffee Alternative
Chicory Beverage by Leroux is a coffee substitute from Chicory root and plant extract, a great and healthy alternative to coffee! Since Antiquity, the Greeks and Egyptians have been consuming chicory for its benefits. Chicory contains inulin, which is a soluble fiber. Chicory is a 100% plant-based root. It is free from caffeine and other stimulants. Chicory drinks are low in calories and provide soluble fiber. Since they undergo very little transformation, Leroux products maintain all of their benefits.

Established in France in 1858, Leroux has since earned excellent renown. Chicory root is essentially grown in northern France: chicory fields are located around the towns of Calais, Dunkirk and Saint-Omer.

The same farmers grow chicory every year with a crop rotation at least every 3 years. Chicory cultivation is highly specialized. Seeds are small and fragile and seeding takes place in the spring (late March – early April) when soil temperatures begin to increase. Harvesting begins in October. To obtain a healthy harvest, ideal weather conditions during seeding are essential.

Leroux’s production of chicory-based products is kosher and this product is gluten-free.