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Raspberry Mecker Jam by Alain Milliat
This perfect breakfast jam is imported from the beautiful region of Champagne Ardennes, France. Alain Milliat created this jam from the highest quality Mecker red raspberries. The mecker variety is very popular amongst French pastry chefs.

Alain Milliat produces in a traditional home-style manner , fruit juices, nectars, jams and fruit purees, that are characterized by authentic and natural flavors. New products are introduced every year based on harvests and new discoveries by Alain Milliat.

This farmer's son from Lyon started his adventure with the aim of validating the quality of the raw materials of his own products. This is how the idea of creating juices and nectars that reflect the characteristics of the fresh fruits was born.

In 1997, he created 6 products out of his own production, he then went and met about 60 sommeliers throughout France in order to let them taste his creations and get their reactions. Seduced by these high end products which fit perfectly in the line of todays gastronomy, he was encouraged by all to move forward with his project.

To give to the customers the pleasure and taste of fresh fruits at the peak of maturity, respecting their nature and its variations, showing the best of each fruit through a collection of Juices, Nectars and Jams -that's the challenge that Alain Milliat has taken on.

Unlike industrial juices and nectars that simply duplicate the same uniform flavors each year, Alain Milliat's products vary each season. Their taste and texture vary by year and the climate variations that occur. They represent that this uniqueness is their products' signature.

The aim of its creator is to stick as close as possible to the unique characteristics of each fruit. In addition to knowing the optimal time to harvest, he also wants to duplicate the texture which leads to the pleasure of a fruit eaten at full maturity. Since Alain Milliat products are gourmet products, distributed in an exclusive manner, their creation involves real fruit research. This forces Alain Milliat to chose different production areas and to work hand in hand with the farmers all over France. To develop his products, he is even involved in establishing how production will be set up.

As the professional techniques to improve the production in terms of production quality are already numerous, he prefers to use the most simple techniques : early picking of the fruit to have better freshness of the flavors, a well balanced distribution of the fruit on the trees in order to have a better exposure to the sun and a better development of the aromas, aging of the fruit for a better balance between acidity and sugar...

ingredients: prepared with: 63 grams of fruit per 100g, total sugar content : 57g per 100g, gelling agent: pectin