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Serra de Estrella
This 12th century D.O. cheese is famous throughout the world for its unique character and intense flavor. Made in the mountains of Serra da Estrela (also a national park), in the Beira region, this is a traditional washed rind farmhouse cheese.

The Bordaleira ewes thrive on a diet of wild herbs, scrub, gorse blossoms and brambles, producing thick, luscious, aromatic milk. This special cheese is handmade in small batches using wild thistle (Cynara cardunculus) to coagulate the milk. The curds are broken by hand instead of cut. It takes an average of three hours to make one cheese and only two or three are made per day. After the wheel is salted, it is then wrapped in cloth and aged in caves.

When Serra is younger, the rind is sticky and pungent and the interior is so creamy that it is almost spoonable. As it ages, the rind becomes harder and smoother with the interior becoming denser and sliceable. Either way, this is an incredible Portuguese treasure. It has a perfumed intensity and a sweet grassy taste that is fruity and mildly bitter. All that's needed is some fresh crusty bread and a bottle a wine. Perfect!

  • Made from unpasteurized sheep's milk
  • Best enjoyed within seven days of delivery.