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Organic Fair Trade Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar (72%)
​Nirvana Organic Chocolate Bars are hand-made in Belgium by artisanal Chocolatiers. Certified USDA Organic, this bar is made with 72% cocoa. This pure, dark chocolate is ethically sourced from Fair Trade farmers in the Dominican Republic who grow the finest Trinitario cocoa beans. Indulge in pure goodness!

With a chocolate shop on every block, the aroma of fresh-made indulgence drifts through the streets of Brugge. Here, chocolatiers have passed down their blending and shaping secrets from generation to generation. Here also, in a workshop on the outskirts of Brugge, award-winning artisans make the all-natural, hand-crafted "miracles of cocoa" known as Nirvana Chocolates. The success of Nirvana Chocolates attests to the care used in selecting the finest all-natural ingredients, crafting the chocolate according to traditional techniques refined over the centuries in Belgium.

Suitable for Vegetarians & vegans.