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Matjes Herring Tidbits by Abba
Matjes are young, immature herring that are prized for their tender texture and mild flavor. Although many pickled herring are in a strong, salty-sweet brine, Matjes use a mild brine that will not overpower the delicate flavor of the fish. Enjoy these Matjes on their own, with sliced cucumber and knackebread, or warm with boiled potatoes.

There's a long-standing Swedish food tradition of marinating and preserving fish and shellfish from the cold, fresh waters of the Northeast Atlantic. Abba of Sweden has been carrying on this tradition since 1838. Along with being a leader in the sales of herring, mussels, and caviar, Abba continually works to find new solutions for sustainable fishing. It's no secret that the purest, healthiest fish are also the best-tasting.