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Caffe Vergnano Intenso Espresso Pods - Compostable Capsules
The Caffe Vergnano Intenso is a dark blend espresso, with a strong and stringent flavor. Fifty single-portion pods of the finest Arabica blends have been carefully selected, roasted and blended in Italy to prepare the perfect espresso coffee. Each pod is compostable and specially packed to protect the quality and freshness of the coffee over time. Espresso pods by Caffe Vergnano are suitable for all espresso coffee machines that also use the pod system. This is a proprietary blend of ground coffee produced and packed by Casa del Caffe Vergnano.

Caffé Vergnano is an Italian company with a long and prestigious history. Founded in 1882, when Domenico Vergnano, forefather of the present family, established his business opening a small grocery in the medieval city of Chieri situated at the foot of the hills surrounding Turin. The shop soon started to specialize in the roasting and sale of coffee, defining the Vergnano family's true vocation. Arabica Coffee is the most prestigious type of coffee. Vergnano Arabica is a product with a delicate flavor and smooth aroma which is created by the low roasting of only the very best varieties of Arabica from Central and South America.