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Pistachio Cream by Falanga
This Sicilian Pistachio Cream is a luscious spread that is wonderful on toast or as a topper for ice cream, waffles, crepes or French toast. Add a spoonful to your fruit smoothies for a touch of nutty sweetness. A less sugary, more natural alternative to icing, spread it on cake or swirl into your favorite dessert recipe. It's especially amazing served with Falanga's Panettone, Italy's traditional Christmas cake.

Falanga's mission is to use artisan craftsmanship in creating unique and delicious Italian desserts. The company was born in 1948 from the intuition of its founder, Don Luigi. Mr. Luigi still leads the company today. Even though someone at his age might consider retirement, he says that he continues his hard daily routine because it "makes his soul serene and full of love".