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Arnaud Soubeyran Fancy Marshmallows
The traditional marshmallow Atelier Des Douceurs is produced without artificial colorings or flavorings which gives their marshamallows a unique taste. These marshmallows have nothing to do with the common marshmallow! Its soft and creamy texture is not elastic but light and voluptuous thanks to the egg whites beaten stiff. The soft and supple texture reveals subtle flavors, Violet, Orange Blossom, Lemon, Raspberry and Anise.

Arnaud-Soubeyran have been making nougat in Montélimar, France since 1837. In 2008, the Arnaud Soubeyran family expanded with the purchase of the Atelier Des Douceurs and its delicious old-fashioned toffees and marshmallows.

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose syrup, Inverted sugar, Corn starch, Citric acid.
Natural flavors: Orange blossom, Raspberry, Lemon, Violet, Anise.
Colorants of Natural Origin: Red beetroot, Grape extract, Chlorophyllin, Lutein.

Contains 5 long marshmallow strips of each flavor.