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Halen Mon Sea Salt Crackers by CNWC Crackers

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CNWC Crackers (pronounced "Ku-nook") are savory Welsh crackers made from a tried and tested recipe.
These crackers are made with locally churned, award-winning Welsh butter, Shirgar (Menyn Cymreig) and Halen Môn Sea Salt PDO, which is harvested from the fresh Atlantic waters that surround the Isle of Anglesey. Organic flour and organic baking powder make up the rest of the ingredients to these simply delicious biscuits. The perfect vessel for your favorite cheeses, cured meats, dips, canapes or simply on their own with a cold beer.

In 2009, Paula and Heather were searching for crackers for cheese and savory condiments for their delicatessen in the seaside town of Abaraeron in West Wales. They couldn't find the perfect cracker, so they decided to create their own with Welsh ingredients, produced in Wales. The inspiration for the name came from Heather's mother's name - "Cnwcllyndu," where their crackers were initially made. They now produce their crackers in a family-run Welsh bakery in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. This means that their crackers are produced, packaged, designed and made in Wales – a true Welsh product.