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Berry Bubbly Cocoa Dusted Truffles by Monty Bojangles

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A fruity raspberry cocoa dusted truffle packed with fun popping candy, a flavor explosion for your taste buds! Fun to eat on their own, try crumbling over chocolate ice cream for a family dessert.

These curiously moreish, intensley chocolate French luxury truffles are packed with innovative flavors! Monty Bojangles's line of truffles have been hugely successful in the UK and won numerous Great Taste awards. They are now seeking to conquor the USA! The Monty Bojangles Fine Confectioners of London explore the globe seeking out exquisite and exotic delectable chocolate and confectionery treats for their eager bon viveur enthusiasts. All flavors are GMO free, all-natural and do not use corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or preservatives. Each premium truffle is double dusted with a generous coat of exquisite bitter sweet cocoa. Their award-winning fun and fantastical packaging explores a new adventure in taste. An anthropormphic cat, Mony Bojangles (named after founder Andrew Newland's cat) is a Victorian adventurer travelling on various modes of steam pun-type vehicles, definately in the style of Monty Python. This fanciful packaging contains their exotically flavored truffles.

Makes a great gift for any truffle lover. Better buy one for yourself too, after all, les grandes pensées viennent de l'estomac,/i> - "great thoughts come from the stomach!".

Suitable for vegetarians.