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Fox's Brandy Snaps

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Brandy Snaps are a classic British dessert. They are made with golden syrup, flour, ginger, cream, sugar and butter. It's the creamy dairy butter in Fox's all butter brandy snaps that makes them such a great way to create unusual delicious desserts. Like a Cannoli, Brandy Snaps are begging to be filled with cream. Be it butter cream, whipped cream (flavored with vanilla or rum, or both!), mascarpone, ice cream or fruit, smothered in chocolate or covered in nuts, brandy snaps are the perfect base for all of your imaginative dessert ideas!

From a tiny Victorian bakery in northern England over 160 years ago, Fox’s Biscuits has grown to become one of the UK’s leading biscuit brands.

Suitable for Vegetarians.

Once opened, store them in a tin, well away from the light. If you place them in the fridge they will become chewy.