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ICAF Decaffeinato Espresso - Ground
Sometimes you just don't need the caffeine, but with ICAF decaf, you don't have to sacrifice the aroma and taste of a good espresso. In the cup, this coffee has a dark color, good density and a soft crema. The aroma has notes of chocolate and an obvious hint of cocoa beans. ICAF's Decaffeinated Espresso is made with South American coffee beans that have been decaffeinated using the latest systems, using only natural substances.
40% arabica - 60% robusta

ICAF has been making the finest Italian espresso since 1975. Aldo Calore had been working for Italian coffee roasting companies since the 50's. He learned everything from bean to processing and cotnributed to the birth of many roasting companies. With all of the knowledge he acquired, Aldo decided to start his own company with Franco Arduini and Giovanni Monotti (also working in the coffee industry) in Frosinone, Lazio.

ICAF is a labor of love dedicated to the ultimate Italian beverage - espresso. The selection of their superior beans, their skilled roasting and their innovative creation of blends has contributed to their continued growth and success. We encourage you to enjoy their Italian masterpieces anytime of the day from grinding your own beans to using their nespresso® compatible capsules or their pods that are compatible with espresso machines.

Ground Coffee.