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Monovarietal Carboncella EVOO By Oleum Sabinae
The Carboncella is a cultivar of olive only found in the ancient historical region of Lazio called the Sabina (The Sabine Hills). This oil is special from the first whiff, when your sense of smell picks up that perfume of freshly picked fruit. The Carboncella olive produces an extra virgin olive oil with a flavor from yesteryear - very intense, sweet fruit with an aftertaste of bitter almond. Its color has an intense green hue, with high polyphenols and chlorophyll.

This monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the pressing of a single variety of olive: The "Carboncella". This cultivar is becoming ever rarer due to the slow growth rate of the tree which takes many years to grow and even more before going into production. Carboncella is sensitive to cold weather, as excessive winter frost leads to an abundant leaf loss, slowing down the already slow growth rate of the tree. The Carboncella olive tree is particularly susceptible to summer droughts as well. Even more troublesome is that the olives from this tree can only be picked by hand as modern olive picking machines destroy its delicate shoots and the fruit which reach maturity are tenaciously attached to the branches. In spite of these enormous obstacles, Oleum Sabinae is perhaps one of only five companies that continues to the careful cultivation of this particular variety of olive, partly because of tradition but mostly because the oil obtained is of superlative quality.

Oleum Sabinae was founded in 1998 based on a passion for the earth, the call of tradition, and the conviction that the good and genuine things in life are not subject to the wear and tear of time. The founders only had one objective, that was, to follow their respective family traditions and produce an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. Their primary concern is not how much to produce, but how to produce.