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Mascarpone by Vermont Creamery
Not long ago, the word mascarpone would draw quizzical looks. Nowadays, the distinctly Italian-sounding name is the only thing obscure about this velvety, rich cream cheese. One story suggests that a visiting Spanish dignitary in the 16th-century tasted fresh mascarpone in Italy and proclaimed it "mas que bueno" - better than good! In the early 1990's, as U.S. chefs discovered the dessert phenomenon tiramisu, its chief ingredient - mascarpone - began to grow in popularity. Placed second in the 2016 American Cheese Society Competition for Mascarpone and Cream Cheeses.

It was only a matter of time before Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, co-founders of Vermont Creamery, were asked to create mascarpone locally. Since then, Vermont Creamery Mascarpone has garnered accolades for its fresh, rich cream flavor and smooth, thick texture - perfect for spreading or swirling.

  • Made from cow's milk.
  • KOF-K certified kosher.