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Caveman Blue by Rogue Creamery
Caveman Blue is a fruity, pasteurized blue with slight vanilla tones and a texture full of butter and calcium lactate crystals. On the finish, Caveman has nuances of bacon, grass, and hay. Caveman is lower in moisture with a fudge-y texture, making it perfect for crumbling. It is aged about a year and has a natural rind. The brand Caveman Blue was used by the Rogue Gold Cheese Co. from the '40s until the late '90s. The tag line was "aged in the domain of the cavemen." Rogue Creamery actually built an entirely new aging cave to get Caveman's rind just how they wanted it. It's a bold step away from their classic foil-wrapped blues and a delicious testament to how far American cheeses have come in the last decade.