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Pure Cane Sorghum
Sweet sorghum is "Kentucky's maple syrup" and is loaded with antioxidants. It's earthy and sweet with hints of exotic spice. Sometimes called "sorghum molasses," sorghum is not actually a molasses, which comes from sugar cane. Both sorghum and molasses come from the cooking and reduction of cane juice, although sorghum is a grass native to the American South and Africa. This sorghum is milled in Kentucky from a single crop and not blended with sorghum from other growers. Use sweet sorghum in place of other syrups, honey, molasses or brown sugar.

Bourbon Barrel Foods is a maker of gourmet food products that reflect the rich heritage of Kentucky's Bourbon Country, "The Napa Valley of the Bluegrass." Their philosophy is to make quality gourmet sauces and seasonings by adhering to a three-word philosophy: slow, small, simple. From the farmer in southern Kentucky that grows the soybeans for naturally fermented, small-batch soy sauce, to the grower in Eastern Kentucky that harvests the sorghum used as a sweetener, Bourbon Barrel Foods have a hands-on approach that requires them to search for the best their state has to offer and develop relationships with the farmers that get great satisfaction seeing their crops grow from the seed to the shelf.