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Sunflower Honey by Mieli Thun
Produced between the end of June and July, this Sunflower honey comes from Campobasso, Italy. Called Girasole in Italian, sunflowers allow bees to produce high-quality honey that is very rich in glucose. Typically yellow, this honey turns the color of egg-yolks when it crystallizes. Its aroma is delicate, smelling of pollen and wet hay scents. It remains particularly fresh on the palate, reminiscent of green tomato relish and ripe apricot.

Mieli Thun's small, family run company is renowned for its many types of single variety Italian honeys, obtained through knowing and directed nomadic beekeeping. Their ambition is to help lead a renaissance in artisanal honey-making: the quintessence of the art of gathering honey.

  • No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.