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Ivy Honey by Mieli Thun
This rare and unique honey comes to us from Verona, where it is called Edera. Ivy blooms in June through the first half of July, then again in between September and October. Ivy honey has a high content of glucouse - as a matter of fact it crystallizes immediately after it's loaded by bees in the honeycomb's cells. Its fast crystallization obliges the beekeeper to be on time for the honeycombs collection, otherwise it would not be possible to extract the honey. The color is gray with greenish hues and it has a greenish, vegetal fragrance with a clear hint of cinnamon. Its aroma is sweet with a slightly toasted and bitter aftertaste. The thin honey crystals generate a unique and impalpable texture.

Mieli Thun's small, family run company is renowned for its many types of single variety Italian honeys, obtained through knowing and directed nomadic beekeeping. Their ambition is to help lead a renaissance in artisanal honey-making: the quintessence of the art of gathering honey.

  • No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.