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Creminelli Prosciutto - Whole Leg
Prosciutto Crudo literally means "raw ham" in Italian. Prosciutto Creminelli is the Creminelli version of a centuries-old tradition, made by salting and hanging whole hams to dry for a minimum of 10 months. Prosciutto Creminelli combines the juxtaposed tastes of salty and sweet to create a melt-in-your mouth delicacy that can be applied in a variety of dishes. Prosciutto goes well on sandwiches and with fruit on antipasto plates. There are a variety of ways to use Prosciutto Creminelli, including cubed in pastas and salads.

Cristiano Creminelli always uses flavor as his guide in selecting ingredients. Humanely raised animals provide the highest quality meat and organically grown spices provide the most vibrant flavors. He would never use anything else.

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