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Mestemacher Organic German Bread
The best of all possible breads! Mestemacher breads also come in 5 organic varieties: Whole Rye, Three Grain, Sunflower Seed, Flax Seed, Rye and Spelt. These Organic Mestemacher breads are baked with ingredients naturally grown and are high in fiber, low in fat and are cholesterol free. Mestemacher, famed German bakers, created all natural, whole grain bread. High fiber, low fat plus cholesterol free characteristics mark the entire line. The long shelf life, resulted by pasteurization of the bread, adds to the product's outstanding qualities. Mestemacher breads have received the Whole Grain Council's stamp of "100 % Excellent Source of Whole Grain".

Varieties sold separately.

Out of Stock Varieties:Rye and Spelt, Whole Rye, Three Grain, Flax Seed, Pumpernickel