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Organic Raw Pecan Halves
The delicious pecan has become a favorite nut among snacks, praline lovers, and pecan pie fans. Originating in central and eastern North America and low river land of Mexico, pecans were heavily relied upon by pre-colonial residents. At the time, pecans were plentiful in the wild and it wasn't until the 1600's that organized planting and cultivation of pecans began. The only major tree nut that grows naturally in North America, the U.S. produces over 80% of the world's pecan crop. And the good news is that this delicious nut is healthy, too! Over 90% of the fat found in pecans is unsaturated, heart-healthy fat. Pecans contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals, and they're cholesterol-free.

Nutritionists have long touted the health benefits of raw foods. The "Raw" logo indicates that the food was not heated above 118 F, which is the temperature at which many beneficial enzymes are believed to be destroyed. Raw foods contain more usable nutrients than their "cooked" counterparts, along with being easily absorbed by the body.