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Sulawesi (Celebes Kalossi) Whole Bean Coffee
This coffee hails from the Pacific Rim. On the equator between Borneo and New Guinea lies a curiously shaped island called Sulawesi. With four distinct peninsulas, this island resembles the shape of a tropical orchid. It contains lofty mountains and coral reefs, and to top it off, this island paradise produces a coffee called Sulawesi and is also known as Celebes Kalossi.

Arguably one of the world's finest coffees, Sulawesi is often compared to Sumatra Mandheling. Considered the superior coffee, it has more body and complexity than Sumatran coffee and is less acidic. This coffee has such a multi-dimensional character with a sweetness and earthiness, a hint of cherries, and an almost syrupy finish.

Sulawesi is double picked which means it has been checked twice for imperfect beans and is semi-washed. This coffee is the perfect cup for anyone who appreciates a brew without bitterness and a full body. For the writer, coffee doesn't get any better than this!