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Chimichurri Sauce by Gaucho Ranch - Original
Argentina to this day has many wild open and wonderful places which were once home to the Gaucho. This beautiful South American country is known for various aspects of its culture such as the tango, folklore, soccer, grassfed beef, and for the asado (the Argentinean way of grilling or barbecuing).

The typical Argentinean asado combines a variety of meats and sausages over an open wood fire. The Gaucho perfected this method of grilling in the open country and it has since become a strong tradition in today's culture. There was only one condiment the Gaucho would use to accompany his grilled meats - Chimichurri! Chimichurri is a mix of fresh herbs, garlic, vinegar and oil that enhance the natural taste of beef, chicken, poultry or seafood. There is truly nothing like a nice steak seared to perfection with some chimichurri on the side or directly over the steak. Something very special happens when the two flavors mix; it is truly the best, most delicious and healthy condiment to have at the table.

Gaucho Ranch's delicious version of the world famous steak sauce from the heartland of Argentina is authentic in flavor, texture and appearance. Produced in Miami following a traditional Argentinean recipe. We recommend this as a marinade and condiment for beef, chicken, pork or seafood. It's an excellent dipping sauce for bread, or an ingredient to add flavor to rice, pasta, roasted vegetables, sandwiches, and omelets.

Gluten Free