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Colliers Welsh Butter with Sea Salt
To match our best-selling Collier's Cheddar, we are now proud to offer Collier’s Welsh Valleys Butter. This butter has a savory flavor from the sea salt, one that particularly appeals to Welsh tastes. The recipe combines freshly churned Carmarthenshire cream with two per cent sea salt which gives a rich, creamy, full flavor without a higher salt content. This will appeal to the Welsh palate that traditionally prefers salty flavors. Professor Peter Stead is a Welsh Cultural Historian based at Swansea. He says that Wales’ liking for more salty foods could have several causes, such as living by the sea, which brings more salt into the air, as well as a higher salt in plants and vegetables. Collier’s Welsh Valleys Butter shares the distinctive black packaging and branding of its sister dairy product, the award-winning Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar.