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Brezain (Smoked Raclette)
Brézain is a relatively new kid on the block when it comes to French cheeses. This Raclette-style cheese is a French pasteurized cow's milk cheese produced in the heart of the Auvergne Mountains by Livradois. This smoky Raclette was created in 1982 by Jean Le Gléour. In 2002, Livradois acquired the recipe and the dairy. Today, this family cheese dairy produces several hundred Brézain a year that are smoked in the cheese dairy of Thones in Haute Savoie.

With its lovely white ivory interior and beautiful brown orange crust, Brézain is exposed to a wood fire of beech and genevrier for about 30 hours after 6-8 weeks of maturing. In this uniquely humid and smoky atmosphere, this cheese acquires all its unctuousness and depth of flavor. Smooth, delicious and original, Brézain is rich and creamy. Melt over anything for smoky goodness, from potaoes to pizza to casseroles and gratins to a killer grilled cheese.

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts 13 lb. wheel.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.