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Gran Luchito Chipotle Salsa - Mexican Magic
Bring your Mexican feast alive with Gran Luchito's range of tasty salsas, handmade in Mexico using traditional recipes and techniques with the finest fresh ingredients. Using a traditional recipe, this Chipotle Salsa brings the authentic taste of Mexico to your table. Only the freshest, ripest tomatoes are fire-roasted before they add the world famous chipotle chilli.

Ingredients: Fire Roasted Red Tomatoes, Onion, Water, Chipotle Chilli (1.8%), Garlic, Salt. Medium Heat.

Gran Luchito all began with a holiday to Mexico. Founder Fergus Chamberlain (chef and food lover) fell in love with the deep smoky flavors he found in Oaxaca. Upon returning to London, he could not find a way to recreate these flavors. Six months later he tracked down the Pasilla Oaxaca chili (only found in this region of Mexico) and this is the core ingredient of all Gran Luchito products.

Gran Luchito's range of authentic Mexican food products are made without compromise for the best quality and flavour. Using all natural ingredients, authentic Mexican recipes, traditional cooking techniques and absolutely zero preservatives or additives, every single jar their Mexican Magic Salsa is made with the love you would expect from great homemade food.