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Brooklyn Preserves by the Jam Stand
The Jam Stand is Brooklyn’s happiest food company. It began in an apartment kitchen in Williamsburg when two best friends, Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle, breathed life into an original concept; creating a food company that's a true reflection of themselves and their community. Using fresh fruit sourced from local farms, the girl’s base it all on a belief that packaged food doesn’t have to mean processed food. We are proud to offer five delicious and spirited flavors:
  • Drunken Monkey Jam: Sugar coated bananas, a splash of rum and a dash of lime. Slosh me on toast or pancakes, let me sauce up your ordinary ice cream dish or PB+J. Buy me and you’ll be buzzing with delight!
  • Raspberry Jalapeno Jam: The perfect mix of sweet and spice and everything nice. This reduced sugar flavor pairs perfectly with cheese, chicken and southern style biscuits.
  • Blueberry Bourbon Jam: This jam tastes so sweet when it hits your lips! A zing of blueberry, the sweetness of bourbon and a sprinkle of vanilla. I'm all of the fun of boozy jam with none of the hangover!
  • Sweet Winonion Jam: This 2013 Jam Stand spread combines a flavorful blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and savory red onions. A divine wine-onion fusion that pairs perfectly with fine cheese, and makes for a uniquely sweet and satisfying topping for burgers, salad and sandwiches. I'm a wine-lovers delight!
  • Peachy Sriracha Jam: Juicy peaches and fiery sriracha combine for a jam that's not just peachy... it's spicy too! This jam packs the heat, and the sweet.

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