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A l'Olivier Mere Goutte Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The origin of the name Mère Goutte ("Mother Drop") dates back to the 19th century. The term referred to the "first drop" escaping from the olive paste spread on the filtering mats, even before the pressing begins. This first drop, the best according to connoisseurs, used to be sold untreated by the A l'Olivier company. The name Mère Goutte is now the symbol of the brand, and refers to a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil of the very best quality. The Green Fruity Mère Goutte is obtained from olives that have not yet reached maturity. It is characterized by an intense, fresh flavor reminiscent of raw artichoke and an aroma of tomato leaves, and has a touch of peppery zest.

An excellent finishing oil, mellow and fruity, in the Provençal style - cuvée designating an oil that has been blended within the A L'Olivier workshops. Made with olives from Andalusia, in the south of Spain, to which are added an Italian variety. The oil's subtlety and lightness make it suitable for a wide number of uses. We recommend using it in salad dressing, white fish, and in marinades for chicken.