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Chorizo Seco Salami by Charlitos Cocina
Charlito’s version of an old time classic is made with heritage breed, pasture raised pork. Chorizo Seco is seasoned with Mediterranean sea salt, mild paprika, and garlic. It is subtle, earthy, and just powerful enough, without overpowering. Have it with greens, a nice baguette, or, our favorite way, on its own.

Founded in 2011, Charlito’s Cocina’s aims is to explore and utilize the rich gastronomic traditions used to preserve food prior to the days of refrigeration and freezers. It is in the spirit of this robust tradition that they strive to create delicious foods using the cleanest, most well-raised ingredients possible. Charlito’s approach is to work slowly and steadily and make everything from scratch. Their intention is to preserve gastronomic tradition and to help integrate it into the time in which we live. Charlito’s derive their influence in this category primarily from the curing traditions of Spain, while striving, one product at a time, to distinguish a style that is uniquely their own. All the meat they use is 100% pasture raised, heritage breed pork, while the salt is all hand harvested fleur de sel.