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Appaloosa Beans
Appaloosa (Phaseolus vulgaris) beans are related to the Kidney Bean. The Appaloosa bean is an elegant, elongated bean, about a half inch in length. The front portion of the bean is ivory colored; the other end is speckled with purple and mocha, similar to Appaloosa ponies. Appaloosas have a mild flavor and firm texture. The Appaloosa was cultivated near the Palouse River in the area of Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho. This particular bean can be used in chili, or cooked and mashed and served as a side dish. Use some creativity, and mash with onions, hot peppers and tomatoes.

Appaloosa Beans make tasty refried beans and are delicious with chiles, hot or not. Use them in chicken stew, casseroles and soups; just about anything!

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