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Mochi Rice (Glutinous Rice)
Mochi Rice, is a hulled, short grain, Glutinous White Rice. It's flavor is mild and slightly sweet. This rice has a very high starch content, which makes Mochi extremely sticky. A traditional rice of Japan, Mochi is most frequently used to make rice cakes. To make the cakes, cooked rice is pounded until it becomes sticky enough to hold together. It's then shaped into balls or cakes, then wrapped with seaweed or filled with little pieces of meat or seafood. Mochiko Flour is made from this Rice and used to make crackers and rice noodles.

Mochi is often used to make confections, Crackers, Rice Balls, Rice Cakes and Rice Molds. It's sweet flavor and starchy consistency make it a good choice for making California Rolls. Due to it's sweet, starchy nature, it also makes a wonderful Rice Pudding.

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