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Freekeh - Arabian Wheat Berries
Freekeh, pronounced "free-ka" and alternately spelled farik or fireek, is an ancient grain like farro or wheat berries. Freekeh is from the Near East and Northern Africa, where is it enjoyed as a side dish like rice or pasta, but also ground into flour for bread. Freekeh is unique in that only the young "green" berries of wheat are harvested. The wheat berries are dried in the sun for a day, then roasted or fired on a grill. This burns off the outer layer of the wheat, but leaves the young, moist berry intact.

Like regular wheat berries, Freekeh takes some time to cook, but is more than worth the effort. Simply add one cup water to one cup Freekeh and simmer in a covered pot for an hour. Then toss with olive oil, herbs, feta, or grilled vegetables.