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Kenya AA Whole Bean Coffee
Kenya Gourmet Coffee has a reputation as a top quality coffee producer that is unsurpassed. This meticulously prepared East African coffee is famous for its rich body, pleasant vibrant acidity, fragrant aroma and winy aftertaste with overtones of berries and citrus.

Kenya AA coffee is comprised of the largest, most well-shaped and densest coffee beans available from the plateaus on which the plants are cultivated. This ensures the presence of much prized aromatic oils that are essential to the production of the amazing aroma and distinctive flavor enjoyed by connoisseurs everywhere. Kenyan coffee is graded on a scale by the Kenyan coffee board to denote the size of the beans, and subsequently, the flavor one can expect from them. The "AA" grade marks out the very largest beans that naturally contain the largest amount of aromatic oils that are so integral to the coffee-drinking experience.

Medium Roast.