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Douwe Egberts Aroma Premium Ground Coffee
Douwe Egberts Aroma is a blend of 100% high-quality Arabica coffee beans. If you love the classic flavor of Douwe Egberts, you owe it to yourself to try their premium Aroma line. To preserve fresh flavor, taste and color, the coffee is packed right after roasting and grinding. It is packed into specially design packages with a valve. Douwe Egberts is ground for use with all coffee makers
  • Select (Silver): A medium roasted coffee with full aroma and body. It has slightly fruity taste. To achieve strong aroma with mild taste, the coffee is roasted slowly on light temperature.
  • Excellent (Gold): A medium to dark roasted coffee with intense, strong taste but without bitterness.
  • Mocca (Bronze): A balanced medium to dark roasted blend of mainly Arabica and some Robusta beans. Arabica coffee beans create an aroma; Robusta beans give coffee strength and volume. Mocca Aroma is a smooth, aromatic and rich coffee.
Varieties sold separately.