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A World of Honey Collection
Honey is produced on every continent except Antarctica, and almost every culture has a history of collecting honey to use as food, medicine, or religious artifact. In Greek mythology, honey was often considered "ambrosia," a food or drink of the Greek Gods. Today we are able to find rare and unique honey varietals from across the world, each a fascinating product reflecting its local ecosystem, the plants in bloom at the time of harvest, and the skills of the apiary in harvesting the honey. This assortment includes four of our favorite honeys:
  • Acacia Honey by Mieli Thun: This famous, clear and pourable honey from Italy is extremely versatile and delicious. Produced in May in Montello, Italy, Acacia Honey is a delicate and much sought-for honey. (8.8 oz)
  • Truffle Infused Honey from the Yarra Valley: The base of this amazing golden honey is Red Gum and Clover Honey from Australia. The Valley Produce Company infuses two grams of fresh French Perigord black truffles with white truffle oil to produce a truly elegant honey. (4.2 oz)
  • Raw Orange Blossom Honey by Beekeeper's Daughter in Gift Bottle: We like to call this raw Florida Orange Blossom honey "Liquid Gold" to keep in your pantry! The sweetest of the honey varietals in the Beekeeper's Daughter line, this honey has a bold flavor and strong aroma of orange blossoms. (8.8 oz)
  • Lavender Honey from Catalonia: Our wonderful lavender honey comes from a respected family that has been in the honey business since the 18th century. Honey tastes of the flower from which the bees predominantly gather nectar. They move the hives to different locations to create different honey flavors. As a result of careful planning and releasing, this honey contains the subtle flavor and aroma of lavender. (17.5 oz)
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No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.