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Pinot Noir Assortment
Pinot Noir is quite possibly the oldest grape variety to be cultivated for the purpose of making wine. We love its light fruitiness and its delicate, velvety texture, and so do these cheeses.
  • Etorki: From the Pyrennes region of France, this pasteurized Basque cheese has a delicate bouquet, fruity aroma and slightly sweet flavor. The milk comes from small flocks of black or red-faced Manech sheep and is only made from late December to mid July (when the ewes are impregnated again). (7.5 oz)
  • Chocolate Capri Log by Westfield Farm: Westfield Farm has been handcrafting award-winning farmstead cheeses in Hubbardston, Massachusetts since 1971. If the notion of a semi-sweet chocolate goat cheese appeals to you, you will positively fall in love with this new creation from Westfield Farm. Rich and creamy with a slightly goaty tang, be forewarned, these five ounce logs are addictive. (5 oz)
  • Comte Produced since the reign of Charlemagne, when there were no separate entities named France and Switzerland. Contributing to raw-milk ComtĂ©'s unique flavor, morning and evening milkings are mingled before the cheese making process. The wheels are aged for a full year, resulting in a sweet and nutty masterpiece. (7.5 oz)
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