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Taste of Mexico Gift Crate
From simple chips and salsa to complex moles and everything in between, most Americans have had a life-long love affair with Mexican food (and drink!). We have put together a sampling of some of our popular non-perishable items that have the flavor of Mexico. From authentic Mexican coffee, chocolate, and maguey syrup to Mexican inspired salsas that reflect flavor and not just heat.
Basket contains:
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate Tablillas: Hernan Mexican hot chocolate is made of 100% natural ingredients: organic cacao mixed with sugar and cinnamon. In Mexico, chocolate tablillas squares are melted in water or milk to make frothy chocolate drinks with a Molinillo. Also use Hernan chocolate to make mole or in baking recipes. (8.46 oz.)
  • Organic Fair Trade Mexican Chiapas Whole Bean Coffee: These big, tasty Mexican beans come from the Mut Vitz ('Hill of Birds') Coffee Cooperative in the Northern Highlands of Chiapas. A mellow, medium roast coffee with a softly sweet flavor, these are the perfect beans for starting your morning. (12 oz.)
  • La Esquina Salsa: La Esquina Salsas create the most distinct flavor anywhere, combining ripe tomatoes, hot Arbol chili peppers, and tart green tomatillos blended together with smooth, sweet slow-cooked onions and hot Serrano chili peppers. Sure to satiate any salsa craving, enjoy it with chips, tacos, or any meat dish. (11.5 oz.)
  • Poblano Farms Salsa: Poblano Farm is a small sustainable pepper and tomato farm. Their salsas are inspired by fresh local produce and traditional Mexican flavors. These roasted salsas features the bold flavors of Poblano peppers complemented with the brightness of tomato, onion, and cilantro. (23.65 oz.)
  • Organic Raw Maguey Sweet Sap Syrup: A traditional Organic Unrefined Raw Sweetener from the maguey (agave salmiana) plant. Evaporated at low temperatures to retain its unique properties. Absolutley no added sugar, enzymes, preservatives or artificial flavors. Use to sweeten yogurts, fruits, pancakes, tea and your favorite foods and beverages. (23.65 oz.)
  • Gift Presentation: Hand assembled in a wooden gift crate, and finished with an elegant dark brown ribbon.
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