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Gourmet Gift Basket of International Sweets
This overflowing gift basket is full of delicious chocolates, candy, and treats. This basket will genuinely impress even a sophisticated sweet tooth. It offers over 22 ounces of true gourmet food inside a woven tray, including:
  • Italian Biscotti: They're not just for dipping in coffee anymore! Delicious anytime of day. (3.2 oz)
  • Baru Marshmallows in Milk Chocolate: These are some of the most decadent marshmallows you will ever try! Baru is all about creating authentic delicacies which are fun, novel and carefully crafted, true to their Belgian chocolate heritage. (4.23 oz)
  • Droste Pastilles: Chocolate coins from Holland's premier chocolatier. (3.5 oz)
  • Munz Swiss Chocolate Bar: Some brands set an example through their name. Munz is one of those brands. In Switzerland, every child is familiar with the name "Munz", which is invariably accompanied by a red and white flag. (3.5 oz)
  • French Chocolate Truffles: These scrumptious cocoa-dusted French chocolate truffles are made in Normandy. These chocolates are addictively smooth and delicious. (1.1 oz)
  • Venchi Piedmontese Chocolate Bar: This chocolate bar is made with rich dark chocolate of a Central and South American blend with a very low acidity. Venchi is headquartered in the Piedmont, a region that is well regarded as Italy's premier chocolate producer. (1.6 oz)
  • Nyakers Ginger Snap Cookies: Traditional, lightly sweetened Swedish cookies with a delectable ginger spiciness. (5.29 oz)
  • Gift Presentation: Hand assembled in a woven tray, finished with an elegant dark brown ribbon.
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