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igourmet Party Assortment - Hors d'Oeuvres for 10
Planning hors d'oeuvres should take as much thought and effort as one puts into planning the main course. After all, first impressions make a big difference. The keys to a successful hors d'oeuvres presentation are simplicity and elegance. igourmet has done the work for you and assembled a selection of some of our favorite products for your next party or gathering of up to 10 guests.

When entertaining with cheese, providing a diverse mix of tastes and textures will appeal to different palates. Included in this Party Planner is the timeless classic, Mountain Gorgonzola, prized for its rich, sharp, blue cheese taste. A safe bet for all palates, an aged Farmhouse Cheddar (one of the best you will ever taste), nicely contrasts the Gorgonzola with its sweet, tangy flavor. For decadence, we added a French creamy cheese (Fromager d'Affinois). Malagon with Rosemary, a savory sheep's milk cheese that imparts overtures of Spanish countryside herbs, grass and wildflowers, completes our cheese selection. The included crackers make elegant vehicles for these fabulous cheeses.

Next, we've selected 8 ounces of sliced smoked salmon, accompanied by cornichons. Serve on the included Crisprolls, lightly spread with Creme Fraiche. To enhance this presentation, decorate the serving platter with thinly sliced lemons and fresh dill.

Our Party Planner would not be complete without the included and delicious salami and pate. Serve with the accompanied intensely flavored Greek olives and Peppadew® Peppers.