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Venezia Osetra Caviar - 2 oz
Produced in Venice, Italy, this Siberian Sturgeon Caviar is a true delight. A hybrid of the Siberian Sturgeon (Baerii) and the Adriactic Sturgeon (Nacarii), hence the term "Venezia." Our import is from the latest production. What makes this Caviar most exclusive is that the Caviar is processed by Caspian Salt Masters whom oversee the production and processing of Royal Persicus Osetra. This Caviar is produced by Iran Darya Company, a leading European specialist in Caviar, whom for several decades has been a major distributor, and today, a superior producer of excellent quality Venezia Caviar from Venice.

This high quality farmed Siberian Sturgeon is the result of the very best Iranian caviar artisans and salt masters flown into Italy to oversee and handle production. It's their secret art, handed down for centuries, that makes the difference in this superior quality Baerii Caviar.

Baerii Siberian Sturgeon Caviar: Dark brown in colour, with a perfect salinity and maturation of the eggs, provides a Caviar with a delicate taste that makes it and exquisite Caviar; so as to surely satisfy the palate of the connoisseur. Considered an Osetra, sometimes spelled as (oscietra, oscietre, osscietre, etc.) by some, we hold this high-grade caviar with much regard. Serves 2-4 people.

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